Wondrix Dry Cleaning All-in-One Management System

WDCMS is a Suite of Business Software specialized for Dry Cleaners, it includes every part of the business operation: Point of Sale, Quality Control, Production, Logistics, Inventory and a Customer Engagement module that includes a white-labeled iOS and Android APP.

Laundry360 uses Real-Time Dashboards and Metrics to generate efficiencies in all business processes so you can SAVE MONEY and control your costs.
You will have complete control on your sales and your relationship with your customer!


Meet Your Dry Cleaner App

iOS & Android apps
There´s an app for Dry Cleaning, and it´s Laundry360 White-Label Solution.

Management App

Once you have installed the Laundry360 POS and downloaded your Management APP you will be able to control and monitor your business like never before, from approving voids to analyzing your sales composition, all of this in the palm of your hand and without leaving home, enjoy more free time, and rest assured your business is running smoothly with all this information at your fingertips.

Main Features

Easy To Read Sales Dashboards
Authorization Processes

Customer App

Now you will be connected with your customers ALL the time, so they won’t be strangers in your business, the customer Dry Cleaner app is a fully customized and branded vessel to deliver your message and increase convenience for your customer, enabling them to track their orders and garments and paying for their clothes, to schedule a pickup or delivery.

Laundry360 – POS

Designed for the Dry Cleaning Industry, our POS, is a state of the art, easy to use, user friendly Point Of Sale, designed with YOU in mind, we have developed a system that lets you know exactly how much money are you making and how much money are you spending!

Knowledge is Power!
You cannot control what is not measured!

We have teamed with industry experts, owners and operators of Dry Cleaners to bring you all what you need to make more money in your business, as using our POS lets you process orders rapidly with ease and strict controls, so you know where is your money is coming from and more importantly where it´s going.


Knowledge is Power!

You cannot control what is not measured!

Improved Customer Relations

Improve your relationship with your customer everyday as you gather information automatically and use it to keep your customer happy; save and use customer preferences for ease of use, wish them happy birthday and surprise them when they get to a milestone.

Key Reports

Dashboard: Let´s you see in a glance what´s happening with your store LIVE!

Sales By: Dates, Times, Store, Employee, Garment Type, etc…

Other Features:

  • Single or Multi-store operation Dry Cleaners
  • Simple Setup, you can use your old PC or the latest tech and gadgets.


Our POS is capable of integrating with:

  • Mailchimp
  • Quickbooks Online



If you already have a computer, invoice & tag printer, we can use that to save you money!, if not, Don’t worry, we can handle everything for you.


As soon as you submit your payment and logos we start working on tailoring your apps and getting everything ready.

Training & Education

Training Videos Available for Clients on how to operate POS with all its features.

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