Become a Partner, Sell WONDRIX Solutions

This engagement model is designed for partners that resell WONDRIX solutions. Your organization may manage the entire customer lifecycle, including demand, sales, and implementation. You are entitled to provide maintenance and support services after successfully completing the appropriate requirements..
Its an ideal way to begin your reselling relationship with WONDRIX. Once you join you will be able to sell, service, and market WONDRIX-approved products available through our distributor channel. It’€™s free to join but some of your sales and presales staff will need to complete our free training to become authorized to begin selling.



  • Have a Business Plan
  • Sales/Presales Trained Employees
  • Marketing Trained Employees
  • Support Trained Employees (WONDRIX DELIVERS SUPPORT)
  • Human Talent, etc.

Knowledge is Power!

Our people can train yours in pre-sales. sales and marketing, Lets work together.

Become a Partner, Sell WONDRIX Solutions